Securities Fraud

By participating the public securities markets, investors understand and accept the risks of normal market fluctuations. While every investor hopes for a favorable return, sometimes these market fluctuations make that impossible. However, when these unfavorable market fluctuations are the result of fraud or broker misconduct there is something you can do about it.

Much of our work at Kahn & Associates involves representing investors and consumers who have been deceived or defrauded by the companies they have invested in or by the people who run or advise the companies. So-called reform legislation has not eliminated or constrained the incentives for abuse and these problems continue.

The lawyers at Kahn & Associates are extremely knowledgeable about the workings of the capital markets. We investigate situations involving large numbers of investors defrauded by public companies, their auditors and their investment bankers. We are familiar with the public securities markets and the fraud and abuses that occur there.

Our efforts have resulted in multi-million dollar recoveries for the clients we represent.  We have been involved in litigation against many well-known public companies and their advisors.  Examples include: FIRST MERCHANTS ACCEPTANCE CORP., RELIANCE ACCEPTANCE CORP., UAL CORP.,  MUTUAL OF NY, FRUIT OF THE LOOM, HEALTHSOUTH CORP., NAVISTAR, PS GROUP, NICOR ENERGY, SCOTTISH RE, and TRANSUNION.

Although not every sudden market reversal is the result of fraud, many are. If you have experienced sudden and suspicious fluctuations in the value of your investments and would like to find out what your rights are, call or email the attorneys at Kahn & Associates to discuss your situation.