Securities Arbitration

Brokerage investors have a powerful tool at their disposal to obtain compensation for wrongdoing by their brokers. However, even powerful tools are no help if you don’t understand how to use them to your benefit. The lawyers at Kahn & Associates have decades of experience helping customers just like you who have been victimized by brokers they trusted.

Did you know that a standard clause in all brokerage agreements requires the brokers to submit to independent, mandatory arbitration of all customer disputes?

For years, brokers have relied on these arbitration clauses to save their time and money by keeping claims out of court. Mandatory arbitration can give you those same benefits. Compared to litigation which can cost tens of thousands of dollars and take many years to resolve, mandatory arbitration offers customers a relatively fast, inexpensive resolution of their claims. Any claim you have against your broker can be arbitrated and recent changes in arbitration procedures have made the process even better for investors like you.

The Most Common Brokerage Disputes

  • Churning occurs when a broker drives up investor commissions by excessive buying and selling.
  • Unsuitability occurs when a broker sells investments that are unsuitable for an investor, e.g., selling an aggressive growth stock to investors who are intent on preservation of capital.
  • Improper asset allocation is a close relative to unsuitability claims in that the broker has put you into a basket of investments that are inappropriate given your particular circumstances, e.g., tilted too heavily to growth investments rather than income assets.
  • Misrepresentation occurs when a broker sells investments through important misrepresentations about the nature and risks of the investment.
  • Unauthorized trading occurs when your broker executes trades without your consent.

How Kahn & Associates Can Help You

The Chicago-based securities arbitration attorneys at Kahn & Associates have decades of experience getting results for clients in pursuing claims against brokers. Recent examples include substantial recoveries for clients who were victimized by brokers who:

  • Charged unwarranted commissions by excessive trading or churning the clients’ brokerage accounts;
  • Put them in unsuitable investments;
  • Put them in illiquid investments;
  • Sold them investments based on false and misleading information; and improperly charged pre-payment fees on brokerage arranged home loans.

We were able to help these clients obtain favorable results because the attorneys at Kahn & Associates assert its clients’ rights aggressively and thoroughly, with exceptional skill. Our attorneys provide clients with a high degree of professionalism, experience and knowledge.

Every investors accepts the risk of normal market fluctuation, but no investor accepts the risk of fraud or broker misconduct.

If you think your rights may have been violated by your broker, call or email Kahn & Associates to discuss your situation.