Chicago Area Civil Appeals Attorney Based in Northfield

As many litigants discover, a trial court judgment is not necessarily the end of your case. Even if you win, you may find yourself facing additional litigation defending the verdict on appeal. And, if you lose at trial, you may seek to reverse if the trial judge committed significant errors.

Having a skilled appellate counsel evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and the likely outcome on appeal with a “fresh set of eyes” can be essential. This can provide valuable insight on your chances and help you make an informed decision about whether to pursue the appeal process or seek an alternative method of settling the dispute possibly via mediation.

If you find yourself facing an appeal, you can enhance your chances by retaining skilled appellate counsel. Kahn & Associates lawyers have extensive experience in appealing and in defending appeals in both the state and federal courts and have achieved notable success for our clients.

Civil appeals examples include: 

  • Successfully reversing bankruptcy court judgments;
  • Successfully defending judgments on covenants not to compete;
  • Successfully reversing federal trial court decisions in suits against quasi-governmental entities;
  • Successfully reversing divorce court judgments; and
  • Successfully reversing attorney malpractice judgments.

If you are facing an appeal, contact the skilled appellate lawyers of Kahn & Associates to discuss how we can help.