Business Litigation

Business litigation covers a broad range of conflicts that may result in litigation. Whether simple or highly complex under federal or state law, you need an experienced attorney who can protect your interests and resolve your dispute in the most cost-efficient way possible. You have been ill served by your counsel if you incur crippling costs even if he “wins” your case. Every dispute need not be litigated and every litigation need not proceed to trial. Your lawyer should help you work through these choices in a way that will serve your long-term needs.

The lawyers at Kahn & Associates collectively have over sixty years of experience litigating business disputes. Some have been resolved by trial. But many have been resolved without litigation, either by informal negotiation or by arbitration or by mediation in appropriate cases. Our cases have been many and varied. They range from disputes over employment contracts, accountant’s conduct, non-compete agreements, trade secrets and copyrights, among many others.

Business Litigation Examples include:

Obtaining a multi million dollar recovery for clients who bought stock in a company based on false information paid by the company and its accountants, insurers and  underwriters;

Helping a client obtain an injunction and damages from a company which hired its  former employees and took its customers

Helping a multi-national corporation and its foreign subsidiaries obtain reimbursement for taxes they incurred as a result of their outside accounting firm’s negligence;

Obtaining a multi-million dollar recovery for employees of a large national retailer based on misuse of the employees’ contributions for insurance coverage;

Arbitrating the claim of an individual investor victimized by a broker who over-traded the investor’s account; and

Obtaining a multi-million dollar recovery for policy holders from a life insurance company which sold them insurance based on false information.

We were able to help these clients obtain these results; some through court action, some through arbitration and still others through negotiation. If you are involved in a business dispute, we may be able to help you too. Contact us at 877-347-4122.