Arbitration is a private, confidential forum for resolving disputes outside the courtroom. It is similar to a court trial but less formal, less time-consuming and less expensive. Unlike court proceedings, arbitration is a confidential process not open to the public and the dispute is decided by a third-party arbitrator rather than a judge. However, arbitration is only available with the consent of the parties to the dispute. Many businesses put arbitration clauses in their standard customer contracts. Thus, more and more consumers are having their disputes resolved in a private arbitration forum. This news is not all bad for you. The same advantages businesses get in arbitration can work for you too. As a practical matter, you also benefit when your grievance can be resolved as fairly as in a court of law, but more quickly and cheaply.

How Kahn & Associates Can Help You

If you would like the power of arbitration to work for you, you will need effective and experienced representation. The Chicago-based arbitration attorneys at Kahn & Associates have decades of experience getting results for clients in arbitrations. Recent examples include substantial recoveries for clients who were victimized by brokers who:

  • Charged unwarranted commissions by excessive trading or churning the clients’ brokerage accounts;
  • Put them in unsuitable investments;
  • Put them in illiquid investments;
  • Sold them investments based on false and misleading information;
  • Improperly charged them huge  pre-payment fees on brokerage-arranged home loans.

We were able to help these clients obtain favorable results because the attorneys at Kahn & Associates assert its clients’ arbitration rights aggressively and thoroughly, with exceptional skills. Our attorneys provide clients with a high degree of professionalism, experience and knowledge.

If you would like that experience and knowledge working for you, call or email the Chicago-based arbitration attorneys at Kahn & Associates to discuss how we can help you.