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In addition to claims against brokerages, many other disputes can be resolved by arbitration. As a practical matter, it is often sensible to resolve grievances at a more affordable level — through arbitration.

The Power of Arbitration

Arbitration is a private, confidential forum for resolving disputes outside the courtroom. It is similar to a court trial but less formal, less time-consuming and less expensive. Unlike court proceedings, it is a confidential process not open to the public and the dispute is decided by a third-party arbitrator rather than a judge. However, arbitration is only available with the consent of the parties to the dispute.

Chicago Area Mediation Attorneys

Like arbitration, mediation is a method of resolving disputes outside the courtroom in a confidential and informal manner. Like arbitration, it is only available with the agreement of the parties. The proceedings are run by a mediator or facilitator who helps the parties create the terms of settlement. Its results are not binding.

In many cases the parties’ familiarity with the situation can permit them to craft an agreement that is more beneficial to the parties’ true interest than a decision a court or even an arbitrator might render.

Our firm works to bring you the result you want, marshalling facts, countering arguments, taking your side. The attorneys at Kahn & Associates are certified to act as mediators and bring these credentials to their mediation work on behalf of clients.

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