Additional Areas of Practice

In addition to the areas listed in under “Practice Areas” to the left, David B. Kahn & Associates represents False Claims, Whistleblower, and Pension and Benefits cases in the Chicago Area.

Federal and state laws provide incentives for people to “blow the whistle” on companies that defraud federal or state governmental entities. Generally, these statutes provide the whistleblower with a percentage of any recovery. In some cases, these laws permit private citizens to sue corporations on behalf of the government to obtain an award.

Chicago Whistleblower Lawyers

Employees sometimes discover conduct by their supervisors or colleagues that is fraudulent or illegal. The False Claims Acts and Whistleblower laws allow us to represent whistleblowers confidentially, sometimes working with the government to bring claims against such companies.

Our firm can help you identify potential claims, the applicable laws and the location where the suit must proceed. All our communications are confidential, so you can freely discuss all aspects of the situation without fear of disclosure. Our fees in Whistleblower cases are contingency based, so you are not charged a fee unless there is a recovery.

Federal and state laws also protect whistleblowers from employer retaliation. From our Northfield, Illinois, offices, we represent clients throughout the nation with claims under the false claims or whistleblower laws.

Fighting for Pensions and Benefits

We represent beneficiaries of public company Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) plans, making sure they are paid their benefits, and pursue claims of mismanagement against plan trustees.

Kahn & Associates represents its clients with vigor, transparency and integrity, holding ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards.

If you feel you have a whistleblower or pension claim, call or e-mail David B. Kahn & Associates to confidentially discuss your case.